We have put together some information regarding the current government regulations regarding cats
West Australian Legislation:

The Cat Act 2011 covers the registration, identification and sterilisation of cats within the state of Western Australia. From November 2013, all cats over the age of 6 months (unless exemptions apply) are required to be:

  • Registered with their Local Government
  • Identified with a collar and tag when in a public place
  • Microchipped and
  • Sterilised
Local Council Legislation
In addition to the State Cat Act 2011, Local Councils may have their own legislation to complement the state laws. Each council is different – we have included some specific information below on a few of the south west WA local councils with links to their websites.
City of Bunbury
“The City of Bunbury encourages residents to be responsible pet owners and to consider the following suggestions:

  • Make sure your cat wears a collar with bells. Your cat will get used to wearing the collar and remember, cats can learn to hunt without ringing one bell, so two or three bells are better at alerting prey they may be on the menu!
  • Don’t allow your cat to roam. Most people are aware that cats should be brought in during the evening to reduce hunting, but it will also assist in reducing cats being involved in road accidents, catching diseases from other cats and fighting with other cats.”
City of Busselton
Shire of Augusta-Margaret River
Shire of Capel
“The Shire of Capel has a Local Law relating to the keeping and welfare of cats. Under this law, cats must be confined to your property at all times. In addition, many of the reserves in the Shire of Capel have been identified as ‘Cat Prohibited Areas’. ” (Information from Shire of Capel Cat Legislation)
Shire of Dardanup
“The Shire of Dardanup encourages responsible cat ownership. There are a number of practical ways that you can contribute to being a responsible cat owner. These include:

  • Keep your cat confined to your property, particularly at night when most hunting and nuisance occurs. Cats roaming are subject to an increased risk of injury and physical attack by both dogs and cats;
  • Cats can be turned into content indoor pets by installing a cat enclosure in your yard;
  • Be mindful of your neighbour’s rights. Not all neighbours enjoy cats roaming on their property. It’s a good idea to ask your neighbours if your cat is an annoyance”
Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup
Shire of Harvey
Why are there so many regulations regarding cats?
The State Cat Act 2011 and Local Laws are aiming to:
  • Encourage responsible pet ownership
  • Reduce the number of unwanted cats in the community and
  • Reduce the number of cats euthanased each year


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