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Creating your cat’s own Katzone

Katzone enclosures will design and install a cat enclosure within an outdoor area, creating a zone that your cat will love to use. We use quality components and low visibility netting to minimise the visual impact but still create a safe and secure environment for your cat.

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Creating your cat's own Katzone

Cat enclosure ideas

Katzone enclosures is a custom design and build service where, in consultation with you, we select the most suitable area for a cat enclosure. Our aim is to create an area that is not only interesting for your cat to use, but also functional for you as well. Please see below some examples of ideas and types of enclosures and accessories.

Side of house

The area down the side of the house is a great way to make use of an often under utilised area of the house. It can easily be made interesting for your cat with the addition of a few accessories.

Viewing platform/ steps

Platform - CopyAdding a few accessories to an enclosure is what will turn it from an area of confinement to a zone where your cat will love to spend lots of quality time.

Patio/ Pergola/ Alfresco

An excellent option to create an area that you can enjoy with your cat is to enclose a patio or pergola. It allows the space to be multi-use and your feline friend will love you for it!


Ultimate in cat and people multi use of an area is to enclose part or all of the backyard.

Cat cage 4

And more…

Continue reading more about ideas and options we can do to create an outdoor cat zone. However, keep in mind every situation is different and this is what we do best – designing a specific area to suit both you and your cat.


An annex is an area extending into the backyard or down the side of the house to create a space that  incorporates a garden bed or something of appeal for your cat. A bit more framework can be required, but it is worth the effort.

Image 5


IMG_2353 - Copy

A ramp is an extended plank or piece of material usually used at an angle to create a path or to connect a couple of areas. Ramps can be particularly beneficial for elderly cats to enable access to a higher viewing platform.

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What Our Customers Think

Nigel from Katzone is fantastic! Such attention to detail and he is a perfectionist, which is exactly what I wanted for my cat enclosure. My cats have been indoor for some time now, after a tiger snake incident a few years ago which wasn’t very nice for either party [or cheap!] While renting, I had a portable enclosure that was only a few square meters of space, it was handy and did the job while my new house was being built. While designing my new house, I knew I wanted an enclosure down the side of the house, so I added the rear door into the garage for easy access. The only thing I wish I asked the builder to add would be a vent through the brick walls which could have been converted into a cat door. Read more …

I recently had Nigel construct us a fabulous enclosure for my foster kitties. He has done a fantastic job of creating a spacious, secure, quality designed space where I know my fosters will be safe and happy. Thank you Nigel !

We have just moved into a new very modern house and are absolutely delighted with the enclosure Katzone constructed for us; it is secure, minimalist, discreet, beautifully constructed and gives us peace of mind.  We live near a very busy road and my 2 Abyssinian cats are not street smart at all. There are also a few cats in the neighbourhood who were around before we moved in so they see our place as their territory.  With the enclosure, our cats can get fresh air and sun, chase bugs and each other, whilst being protected from the road and other cats.  We are extremely happy with the end product, thank you Katzone!

Love Mr Cats new enclosure!! Thanks so much, will update once we have finished with plants/platforms etc…. it’s such a great space and he’s enjoying every second of it.

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