At Katzone Enclosures we will endeavour to create a cat enclosure that optimises the use of an outdoor area that your cat will love to use. We use quality components and low visibility netting to minimise the visual impact but still create a safe and secure environment for your cat.

Based in Capel, Western Australia we are well positioned to service the Bunbury, Busselton and Dunsborough areas and their greater regions. We will come out to your property to discuss potential options and to provide an on-site measure and quote.

Our aim is for your cat to be happy and content with the ability to enjoy quality time outdoors and ultimately we want you to have the peace of mind knowing your cat is safe.

Why build a cat enclosure?
The benefits of building a cat enclosure are multiple. By containing your cat to your property, you will be:

  • protecting your cat from injury (cat fights/ motor vehicle accidents/ dog attacks/ infectious diseases)
  • preventing your cat from hunting local wildlife
  • allowing birds and other native fauna to safely frequent your property or gardens
  • providing a source of activity and enrichment for your cat with access to the outdoors
  • creating an area for your cat to toilet outside
  • pro-actively helping to maintain good neighbourly relationships and
  • adhering to local council regulations.

Ultimately the greatest benefit however, is the simple peace of mind of knowing your feline companion is safe and sound.

Why choose Katzone enclosures?
With over 15 years of working within the industry, we are able to provide an experienced and personal service to find the most suitable area to create a cat enclosure for your situation – ideally for both you and your cat to enjoy together.

We use quality products to ensure longevity and provide a professional finish to minimise the visual impact of an enclosure.  However, keep in mind every situation is different and this is what we do best – designing a specific area to suit both you and your cat.
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Creating your cat’s own Katzone