Courtyards come in all shapes and sizes but generally lend themselves well to creating a cat enclosure. They often already contain a garden area which provides a great source of fascination, and can be enjoyed by both you and your cat together.

Courtyards usually require minimal additional framework and often don’t require the installation of any people access points. This means the area can be completely enclosed with minimal visual impact and your use of the area is entirely uninhibited.

Courtyards are often found in retirement villages or strata complexes. If required, we are happy to liaise with strata management on your behalf to explain the benefits of a cat enclosure and the minimal visual impact of a Katzone enclosure.

View from inside this courtyard enclosure: netting has minimal impact on view looking out of the courtyard. The gate required additional height so that the client wouldn’t catch his head on the netting when entering the courtyard – this was custom designed and colour matched to the gate/ gutter colouring.


View from outside this courtyard enclosure: equally from outside looking in to the courtyard – netting has minimal visual impact.

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Creating your cat’s own Katzone