Adding a few accessories to an enclosure is what will turn it from an area of confinement to a zone your cat will love to spend lots of quality time.

A ramp is an extended plank or piece of material usually used at an angle to create a path or to connect a couple of areas. Ramps can be particularly beneficial for elderly cats to enable access to a higher viewing platform without the need for jumping up or down. They are also a great way to create lots of fun play areas within an enclosure and make effective use of the vertical space on a wall.


Here is an example of several long ramps taking advantage of a wall along the side of the house.

Two planks of Ekodek timber have been used to make up each ramp. Each ramp is then attached to the wall using a number of sturdy brackets.


A few additional photos of ramps being used horizontally or on an incline within enclosures:

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