Nigel from Katzone is fantastic! Such attention to detail and he is a perfectionist, which is exactly what I wanted for my cat enclosure. My cats have been indoor for some time now, after a tiger snake incident a few years ago which wasn’t very nice for either party [or cheap!] While renting, I had a portable enclosure that was only a few square meters of space, it was handy and did the job while my new house was being built. While designing my new house, I knew I wanted an enclosure down the side of the house, so I added the rear door into the garage for easy access. The only thing I wish I asked the builder to add would be a vent through the brick walls which could have been converted into a cat door. Read more …Currently I just let them out through a window and I will install a cat door in the glass soon. Nigel finished the cat run just before Christmas 2015 and they just love it out there. My enclosure faces west and it has been quite hot out there over summer, so they usually go out in the morning and again in the evening. Pepper [grey] waits for me to let him out every single morning and prefers to do his business outside now, which is great! Salty loves rolling around on the stones and has taken a liking to chilling out in the hammock by the kitchen window, where she can still keep an eye on me. I was worried my cats would spend all their time out there, but they don’t, they still sleep on my bed and sit on my lap while watching TV. I am so happy with my enclosure and would definitely recommend Nigel to anyone considering installing one.

Belinda – Vasse