Part of your backyard or your entire backyard can be enclosed to create a cat enclosure. An entire backyard is generally cost prohibitive in most circumstances, but achievable in some smaller backyards or where budget is no issue.

If the area to be enclosed is substantial, it may require the addition of some steel posts to provide support for the netting over the expanse. In this backyard enclosure, fence post extensions also had to be added to the fence line to create sufficient height for the netting to go over the top of the shade sail. The netting is perfect in these situations – it is extremely versatile and works well with adjustments in fence heights/ changes in direction.

However, the greatest benefit of being able to incorporate a large component of a backyard is the ability to share the space with your cat(s) – they will love you for it!



Trees 1


If large trees are present, they may need to be pruned well and maintained beneath the netting or alternatively in some situations (very tall trees such as eucalypts) we can create a sash ‘collar’ to go around the trunk of the tree.




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Creating your cat’s own Katzone