Adding a few accessories to an enclosure is what will turn it from an area of confinement to a zone your cat will love to spend lots of quality time. Ideally adding a ledge or viewing platform up high so they can survey their surroundings as well as a few steps can make the most of the area. You can get quite creative and turn the enclosure in to a real adventure playground with a bit of thought.

The standard size we use for most steps is 45mm (length) x 30mm (depth). However we can customise steps to whatever size will suit. We also use a number of materials depending on your budget or the look you are trying to create. Sturdy brackets are used to ensure your cat feels safe and secure while using the steps. Some materials used include:

  • Landscaping sleepers (to 50mm thick – create a chunky step look)
  • Decking timbers (Merbau/ Jarrah)
  • Ekodek (weatherproof composite – no maintenance required)

We have included some photos below of viewing platforms and steps being used in enclosures

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Katzone PNG
Creating your cat’s own Katzone