When building your cat enclosure we will also assess whether there is a need for an access way to be created. Some side of house enclosures don’t need an additional access point as they already incorporate a gate at the front of the house. Others, like an annex, will need some way of accessing the area.

The 2 main options are a door and a zip. The option chosen depends on a number of factors including:

Consideration Usage Recommendation
Frequency of access High traffic area Door
Frequency of access Low traffic area Zip
Ease of use Elderly client/ someone with mobility concerns Door
Cost  Cost effective option required Zip
 Security  Lockable option required  Door

All steel used for doors, frames and posts is galvanised but can be powder coated to match fencing or gutter and fascia colours for that extra quality finish.

Door access
Zip access


Not a great photo – but gives the concept of C-shaped zip installed in the end panel of net.  The C shape creates width to enable equipment (eg wheelbarrow) or furniture (eg chairs) to be moved in and out of the area.






Zip in roof panel for gutter access
Zip in roof panel for gutter access


If access to trees, air-conditioners or gutters is required for pruning/ maintenance and/ or cleaning – a zip can also be placed in a roof panel.




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Katzone PNG
Creating your cat’s own Katzone